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金工工房 鋳造室

Metalwork Molding & Casting Workshop


The Metalwork Molding and Casting Workshop caters to those who produce works by melting or casting iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze,and brass. The casting methods include lost-wax casting (plaster mold and ceramic shell mold) and green sand molding, and an appropriate method is employed according to the form and size of the work as well as the type of melting metal. This workshop enables the entire process of casting, from planning and ,making models to finishing and coloring. Consultation and guidance are available for each process of plastering, molding with plaster and silicon, or wax forming, according to the needs.



  • 高周波るつぼ型誘導炉

  • ガス可傾炉

  • 移動式ガス炉

  • オートクレーブ

  • 流動床

  • ポッドミル

  • サンドミル

  • スパイラルミキサー

  • サンドブラスト



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